Friday, March 27, 2009

allow me to wallow in self pity for a moment.


1. My dog died.
2. That very same night, my ex from 14 years ago contacted me. This is not a happy reunion moment, as my ex is batshit crazy and used to beat me up on a regular basis until I finally got away. I’ve gone through tremendous pains to hide from this individual, and hey! He found me again! Woo!
3. I took a trip out West to visit family, and my mother spent 5 entire days beating me down with extreme verbal abuse. This has led me to have the worst self-esteem I’ve had since I was with the ex from 14 years ago. I will soon snap out of it, but damn I feel like shit right now. Thank you, Mothra.
4. Since I got back, I’ve been sleepwalking, and therefore not getting enough rest.
5. Yesterday the company I work for issued a mandatory 15% pay cut. I was given the option of filing an exception, which I did, as I already took a pay cut in the past year. This means that my name is now going on a Black List, my fate to be reviewed by a committee, and I should hear soon if the Powers That Be decide if I’m worth it to keep around at my current pay, which is already extremely low without the 15% pay cut.
6. The month isn’t even over yet. This is a silent prayer that nothing else of major interest, whether it be total rapture or holding hands with Satan, takes place. I cannot deal with any more drama.

I might blog about food again sometime really soon, but it won’t be today. Sorry to disappoint. Please check back again sometime soon. Thanks for listening.

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We'll wait and check back from time to time.