is it 5 pm yet? i need a nap.

text this morning to the boy while driving my slightly-hungover-going-on-4.5-hours-of-sleep-ass through the Chick-fil-a drive through.

me: do hash browns qualify as fries?
the boy: Nah.

technically they are potatoes, and technically they are fried, but since they dont look remotely like frites, i let it slide. just this one time. because i'm slightly hungover and going on 4.5 hours of sleep today. i blame the mai tais at trader vic's last night, and the good company of some old buddies of mine from Old Big Corporate.


charcuteire said…
You didn't give up Fried Potatoes, you gave up one specific method of cooking a potato cut up in a specific way.

You could also argue that since proper French Fries are double fried, what McDonald's serves is not a French Fry, but you would need to be either a Jesuit or Anglo-Catholic to get away with that arguement.

What about Freedom Fries?
Flip Cub said…
"do hash browns qualify as fries?"

Tsk, task, gurl, that is sad. Go get you some fries already. I won't tell anyone.

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