a day late. hoping i'm not a dollar short.

We here in our household don’t watch Top Chef episodes until the day after they originally air, because by 10 pm we’re both halfway to beddy-by time. I remember years ago when The Restaurant came on, and I would get all super excited/pissy/yelling at the tv, that by the time the show ended at 11 pm it would take me a while to wind down into sleep mode. So we watch Top Chef leisurely while eating dinner on the following evening.

I made a huge effort to not read a single thing on the innernets about Top Chef Masters, which premiered last night . so I just finished watching it. My impressions?

1. Who’s this host chick? She’s pretty bad. She’s got the personality of a wet noodle, and really could benefit from eating some of the food that was put in front of her. Do yourself a favor and eat a cheeseburger, woman.

2. How cute is Hubert Keller? I friggin adore him! About 15 years ago, I lived in a wee studio apartment about 75 feet away from the Fleur De Lys, and had I known a damn thing (which I’ll admit I didn’t at the time, and one could argue that i still don’t), I woulda saved my meager pay from working at a grimy café down the street and schlepped it over there. My friend Marnie lived in a wee studio upstairs from the FDL that had a Murphy bed which was about as comfortable as laying on a rocky terrain. What that has to do with the FDL or Top Chef Masters? Not a damn thing. Just reminiscing here.

3. Gael Greene was not at all what I expected. She seems a bit more pleasant in person than on paper.

4. The only thing I really disliked about the show is how they dismissed each chef in turn at the end when they were announcing the tally and who won. It’s not like they’re all coming back next week; they should have had the opportunity to stick around and hear what the other chefs got. Dismissing them like that is kind of a demeaning kick in the ass.

5. Otherwise, I enjoyed it. So did the boy.

Now I can go read what everyone else has been saying about the show. I’m going to assume that a lot of people felt the same way I did.


RuggerDucky said…
I totally agree about the new hostess. She's a flippin' idiot, and only there to be eye candy. Damnit, if I want eye candy, give me Padma. She's hot AND she knows what the hell she's talking about.

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