lordy lordy, look who's.........

I’m running in the Peachtree Road Race tomorrow. I could sit here and tell you I’ve been focusing on my diet** in order to prepare for said race, but that’d be a big fat lie. That’s not to say that I’ve been eating a lot of crap food, but I haven’t exactly been 100% focused on my diet of late. For example, I ate a ton of deep dish pepperoni pizza last night (and it was soo good!). I know, this is terrible, as my start time tomorrow morning is 8:22 am, and I’m beginning to panic that I haven’t trained adequately (because I know I haven’t). but I’m going to put that out of my head today, eat pasta tonight, and do something to take my mind off of the race, like get a pedicure or scrub the stains out of the living room carpet or something.

So this has been a big week for me, as it was a milestone birthday. I turned 40 on Wednesday. Tuesday night I held a pity party for myself, and wallowed around the house moaning about not being ready for 40 (I do this before every birthday). My life is far from bad, in fact it’s pretty damn good; but I can’t help but think that I’ve not accomplished what I wanted to do by the age of 40. Fortunately, the boy wasn’t home at the time, so I was able to fester in my own pool of Glass-Half-Empty all by my miserable little self. I started flipping channels and ended up watching the Band of Brothers marathon on tv, and let me tell ya, 10 minutes of that was enough to kick my ass and bring me back to reality. Had the boy been home, he wouldn’t have tolerated my attitude and would have kicked my ass anyway, but I’d like to thank Easy Company for bringing me back to the real world.

I ended up having a pretty great birthday. I share my birthday with my friend MA (as well as Debbie Harry, Pamela Anderson, Princess Diana, the country of Canada, to name a few), so we spent the day together. MA and I, not Debbie, Pammy, Di, or Canada. A leisurely afternoon by MA’s neighborhood pool, followed by a gorgeous meal at Milton’s. Chef Boyd is a good friend, as the boy used to work for him at the now-defunct Rainwater, and his food is delicious. I had the shrimp and grits, as I always do, and then we split four desserts, trying to determine which was the best one. Ken (MA’s husband) and I decided the peach cobbler was the best, although the other three were very close contenders (key lime pie – the best I’ve ever had; flourless chocolate cake – not remotely dense, and served with a scoop of ice cream; and Chef’s signature warm carrot cake, which is normally my favorite). The boy voted for the carrot cake, and MA voted for the chocolate cake (at least I think she did – by that point I was so full I couldn’t see straight).

It was a great way to turn 40, and the start of what will be a really amazing summer. After the race tomorrow, we are headed to Ken’s parents’ house. They live on a lake an hour and a half or so away, and I plan to cannonball straight into the lake, still wearing my sweaty running clothes. Because, why not? I physically don’t feel old, so why not pretend for one day that I’m still a kid? After all, they say 40 is the new 30.

** I am using the word “diet” here not to say that I’ve been starving myself, because that is something I would never do, but just keeping an eye on what is going into my body. Generally speaking, I loathe the word “diet”, as it is normally used to convey a negative image.


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