a blog post of tasty stuff

this post is dedicated to the boy, who's been complaining about the lack of so-called "tasty stuff" on this blog. i find my food to be quite tasty, so i don't know what he's bitching about; but nevertheless, here goes. i don't have it in me to type out any recipes, as i'm not yet properly caffeinated this morning, but i'll show you some beauts that we've been eating lately.

pigs. blankets. all golden and delicious. lined up like soldiers waiting for battle against hungry mouths. the mouths won.although, technically, these were cows n' blankets, as i used little beef smokies. those tend to be easier to find than piglettis.

grilled pork chops with a soy glaze.  we've been using George, the charcoal Brinkmann grill this year. poor ol' George hasn't been used in a couple of years, due to Some People in This House favoring Fred, the gas grill, a bit more (whoever can figure out why the grills are named the way they are gets a cookie).  I'm not going to get into a debate of charcoal versus gas once again; Fred is useful if i want to grill, say, one piece of fish for myself for lunch.  But i definitely prefer using lump charcoal. besides, the smell reminds me of cookouts from my childhood.

Smoked flank steaks, which were marinated overnight in soy, Pickapeppa, Worcestershire, red wine, vinegar, brown sugar, and garlic.  Delicious.

Pulled pork nachos.  i used blue corn chips for these (the contrast in colors is nice), topped with a bit of cheddar (smoked cheddar, if you like), and a slice of jalapeƱo.  toss in the oven on 350 F for a couple of minutes until cheese is melted.   If you smoke the pork butt first, you might want to save your money and use a regular sharp cheddar instead of splurging on smoked stuff, as the flavor of the smoked cheese loses when faced up against smoked pork. unless you smoke your own cheese, which is something i've yet to do but have on my list of culinary Things I Want To Make.

Speaking of pork, whether smoking a butt or roasting a loin, always buy a bigger piece to cook.  leftovers are fanatastic, and they freeze really well.  we either shred or slice it up, freeze enough for two portions in individual ziplock baggies, and defrost for when we need a lunch idea, like cuban sandwiches:

my mom gave the boy an electric grill and panini press for Christmas, and we've been putting it to good use on a regular basis. i never wanted one of those gizmos, always felt it to be a one-trick pony in the kitchen. i ended up using the hell out of it for indoor grilling all winter, and we make a variety of smooshed sandwiches at least once a week.

Smoked wings. Grilled first for marks, then moved to the other side of the grill while apple chips smoked away on the hot embers. 

falafel. wait - how did this one get in here? well, this one's all for me, as the boy deems this part of the "crap rabbit food" category. i made a batch of these recently and ate falafel for about a week straight till i could face it no more.

hmm. all the picture-gazing this morning has made me hungry. today's dilemma: what to make for dinner?


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