this summer.

A few things to note:

1) Vertigo sucks. And I’m not talking about the U2 song.

2) Not a whole lot has been going on around here due to said recurrence of vertigo. Someone please get me off this damn boat ride from hell (although I will say, now that I’m in week 3 of it, the waters seem less choppy).

3) A pox on my immediate neighbors, who like to blast music from their car parked in their driveway at all hours of the day and night. Right now at 7:10 am, they’re waking up the whole neighborhood. They feel entitled, I guess. As the wife once told me when I asked her to turn it down, “Don’t you disrespect me. I have every right to play my music loud”. Really, honey? Let’s have a chat with City of Alpharetta Police now, shall we.

4) And last but not least, a few (very few) pics of things and stuff I’ve been up to lately.

Banana bread with walnuts.

Slow cooker beef brisket, topped with coleslaw and shoved into hungry mouths.

Actually, this picture is two months old. The boy making gumbo while drinking a mint julep (it was Derby day). The boy is no longer rockin the beard; that came off after we ran the Warrior Dash.

Speaking of Warrior Dash:

Yeah. Covered in mud from head to toe. It took two showers to get me completely clean. That biggie beer mug was filled with Dee-licious Pyramid beer (hi Nick!).

And last but not least:

Today’s birthday self-portrait is brought to you by Ava Gardner and little old man golf shorts. Happy birthday to me, to my friend MA, to my niece Vivi, to the land of Canada, to Dan Ackroyd, Pam Anderson, Liv Tyler, Debbie Harry, and Princess Diana to name a few. Wishing you all a good one. Well, except Princess Di of course, seeing that she’s no longer around and all, but you know.

Here’s to wishing this summer will be a great one, boat ride from hell and all.


Robyn said…
love the mud shot! one of my favorite things to do is ride my bike through mud.
btw, you need comment moderation, the comment above mine contains a link to spam!
french tart said…
thanks Robyn. set up the moderation. :)

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