it's all about the grapes. the eatin' kind.

During the summer, Nell's Produce Stand sets up shop in the parking lot at the corner of Nesbit Ferry and Old Alabama Roads. (If you're familiar with the area but unfamiliar with where this is, it's in the same parking lot as The Derby, a bar i was dragged to once or twice when we first moved here by some neighbors who think it's the greatest dive in the world. it's not. take my word for it). i try to swing past the farm stand once or twice a week because a) support your local farmer, people; and b) they've got things like these gems. which are grapes.

i may have squealed with delight when i saw these the other day, because i bought some of the green ones last year and loved them. at the time i thought that they were scupperdines, but a scupperdine is in fact the name of the purple ones, as the guy at the stand told me.

Lesson #1: How to tell I'm not from the South

Me to the guy at farmstand: "So what are these called?" (pointing to the green ones)
Guy at farmstand: "Scuppernongs".
Me: "Scupper.... long?"
Guy: "Scuppernong"
Woman standing nearby points and laughs at me. "She ain't from the South, is she."

So they both taste almost identical, except the green ones (scuppernongs) are slightly more sour. I described them last year as candy, tasting not unlike those grape-flavored Now-N-Laters, except that these are far better for you than chemical-laced candy.

Lesson #2: How to tell I never went to charm school

I'm actually surprised that I made it home with this many, because I eat them on the way home and spit the seeds out the car window, which as we all know is super classy. That's how I roll.

I think I might prefer the scuppernongs over the scupperdines because of the slight sourness. The woman at the farmstand (the one who cackled at my lack of Southernness) informed me that they make great jam. I'll take her word for it. I'll just keep eating them raw.


NDM said…
I think these (the purple ones-scupperdoodles or whatever) may be the ones my grandmother used to grow, and they were like candy and she did use them to make jam (or jelly, can't remember the diff). Anyhoo, I'll have to run out and see if I can find any near me because I have been craving them forever. It's been a good 20 years or more since last I tasted their deliciousness.
french tart said…
i'd volunteer to pick some up for you, but they'd probably never make it across town. :P
Cecilia Dominic said…
Ha! When buying greens at the Curb Market in Montgomery last year, I was asked by a lovely African American woman, "Honey, do you know how to cook those?"

I thought for a second and decided on the humble answer, "Well, mine usually end up pretty good, but I bet your recipe is better."

Hubby thought this was hysterical and pointed out that it's because of my "Yankee accent." ;P


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