the year in pictures.

yeah i know, i've completely sucked of late regarding the whole blogging front. in my defense, i've been busy procrastinating. i'm really good at procrastination. no point in even trying to change that bit of myself and put it on a nonsensical "resolutions" list, because i like to procrastinate as it gives me time to do other things i would not be so inclined to doing, such as sorting laundry, cleaning the toilets, or restacking all of my college textbooks (which I still have; lord knows why i keep that immense volume of Architectural Theory and Criticism since it's the only C i got in college. but every once in a while I like to read about spiritualism in art or the Vitruvian Man - yes, i'm an architecture geek). anyhoodle...

so i'm just going to do the easiest thing for me to do right now before dashing out the door to get some phở for lunch, and that's to recap 2010 in pictures. events and food that were important to me. it's not a comprehensive list, as i've thousands of pictures to choose from, and i don't have too much time right this second to dig through them all.

1. who's that Mountain Man?

why, that would be the boy, who was growing his beard out for the Warrior Dash. the award for Best Beard for Day 1 of the Southeast Warrior Dash ended up going to our friend Ken, so congrats to Ken for winning. and those would be wings on the grill. grilled wings are fantastic; you should try them sometimes.

speaking of Warrior Dash:

2. second from left is Ken and his award-winning beard

award-winning, i tell ya! and apparently itchy as hell. i'll take his word for it.

3. how to prepare a pig butt for the smoker

2010 was full of weekends devoted to the art of smoking various bits of edible animal. in fact, we're smoking a pig butt this weekend because we happened to find one in the bottom of our freezer that we had no idea was there, and i'm all about nice surprises. aren't you?

that pig butt turned into this:


there was also some Baltimore-style pit beef; and i'll be honest with you, in the 5 years i lived in Baltimore i never even knew they had their own "style" of pit beef. the boy grew up in the Baltimore-Annapolis area, and he didn't even know either. we had to come to the good ol' South to find out! and you know what? it is good. behold:

served with a horseradish sauce. good God, that was good.

4. 2010 also was the start of a project my friend Caprice and I embarked on, which we call "Mangia Più Frutta!" (complete with facebook page). I've known Caprice since I was 19, but she lives in Baltimore and I live in Georgia, so we don't get to see each other very often at all. we figured by eating a bunch of fruit, commonplace and exotic alike and then writing about it that we'd feel slightly closer to each other even though we're physically not. a couple of the things I tried out this year:

the cocktail grapefruit


i used to eat the heck out of these when i was a kid, although in canned form. when we first moved to France back when i was a wee tot, my parents would take us out to eat Chinese food every once in a while, and i always had lychees in syrup for dessert. fresh ones are good, although they remind me a bit of eyeballs. looks-wise, not taste. i wouldn't even know what an eyeball tastes like.


this was pretty sweet and custardy. i also bought a breadfruit along with this purchase, which i was super excited about because remember that's what the ol' mutiny on the Bounty was all about? Fletcher Christian and all that? i wanted to find out what all the hulabaloo was about, but unfortunately the damn thing rotted in the fridge before I could get to it. apparently it must be cooked (with onions!) to be edible anyway, so that was a disappointment. i would have mutinied too.

5. we also had a trip to St Augustine, which as a whole is a pretty haunted place. take my word for it.

we mostly ate out (i ate a crapton of oysters at this biker bar in Crescent Beach), but we did manage to grill some shrimp with a rum and brown sugar glaze after a morning of people-watching and vodka-lemonade-swilling on the beach.

6. a couple of trips up to North Georgia wine country and our buddies at Montaluce:

in january

and again in july

7. and then there is that drunken camping trip we take every year to Atlanta Motor Speedway to watch people floor it and hang lefts. i joke about that, but i really do like it. don't you roll your eyes at me. something about fast cars and the roar of engines really turns chicks on, i tell ya.

me and Miss Sprint Cup:

isn't she cute as a button? and so slender. bitch. she's really nice though.

of course the infield at AMS is full of the antics you would expect:

my friend Chris went to the infield bathroom and found this in the trash bin. she decided to bring it back to our campsite, because why not? she said it seemed like a good idea at the time. yes, we were drunk. no, we didn't put that ciggie in her; she came to us like that.

i've no idea what happened to that thing. i vaguely recall someone we didn't know coming up and asking for it. she was not defiled in any way while at our campsite, trust me.

ok so this post is getting pretty long, and that Ferrero Rocher i had when I woke up 3 hours ago is not cutting it. headed out for one last bowl of 2010 phở. here's wishing you all a groovy New Year, and let's hope it's just as fun as 2010 was.


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