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A couple of weeks ago I started following someone on Twitter who lives in Europe who has a food blog. I thought, okay cool this should be fun, right? Most all food bloggers I follow in the UK and France are witty and charming and talented and whatnot. So I read one blog post and realized the dude was scamming us bigtime.

I won’t post the blog name on here, and frankly I don’t think (or don’t care if) that blogger recognizes that I’m writing about him. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading Dear Abby columns for years (other than a lot of people in this world make really shitty life decisions) is that people seldom recognize themselves when written about in her column. What I will say is that this dude runs a blog about how to cook packaged food.

You know. Like, he takes a picture of, say (for example), Hamburger Helper, and blogs a very short description of how to cook it at home. In case the directions on the package were too damn difficult to follow for us uneducated folk.

At first I was amused by this, and then I saw how many goddam accolades he was getting for this. Comments up the wazoo. People telling him how GENIUS he was, and Oh do you really think I can cook like this at home? And none of it is sarcasm.

I have three words to describe how I feel about this.

What. The. Fuck.

And maybe, maybe that’s the genius in it.


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