Phone conversation with my Dad.

Me: Hello, Dad? um... I’ve got some news.
Dad: Well you’re a bit old to be pregnant.
Me: Do whaat? huh? NO! … I’m moving to Southeast Asia. Vietnam actually.
Dad: (silence).
Me: Um. Are you there?
Dad: (chuckling) You sure you can handle that? No creature comforts? No real air conditioning?


So yeah. Big life changes coming up here. I have an opportunity to move to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and I'm taking it. I leave next week.

The responses I've been getting from friends and acquaintances when I tell them I'm moving fall into two distinct categories:

1. The ones who are SUPER excited and immediately ask if they can come visit (these are usually chef friends or other people i know who like to play with food), and

2. The ones who get this inexplicable look on their face, kind of like when the Grinch looks puzzled and puzzed, and his upper lip kind of quivers a bit. Then they say something along the lines of what a buddy of mine said the other day: "Vietnam? Is...  that... a thing? Is that what people do these days?".

Anyway, see you on the flip side. Or the other side of the world, really.


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