back to the old drawing board

"Mr. Quynh? Nice to meet you" I say, extending my hand. "I'm sorry i'm a bit early, my taxi got me here very quickly".
"Not at all, not at all. Come in". He shakes my hand and sits down. "Yes, come in".

I sit myself down and take out a pen and pad of paper from my backpack and settle in for the interview. I'm not quite sure what i'm interviewing for, really. I know it's for a teaching job, but the woman doing my recruiting was pretty vague about the exact position, because i'm sure she wasn't given much information to pass along.

"Hmmm. Yes", says Mr. Quynh. "Do you know IELTS?"
"Do I know what that is? Yes, I do. But I don't have that degree. I have a certificate in TESOL".
"Hmmm. Okay. I need you to monitor study group".
"Of course. Is the study group on the school premises? Is it here?"
"No.... know what... I have nothing for you".
"Oh... uh...."

Awkward pause. Why am I here? I ask myself. I hesitate for a moment then pick my bag back up off the floor and start to put away my pen and paper.

"You have teaching experience, yes?", Mr. Quynh blurts out.
"Well yes, that's why i'm here, no?". I look at him puzzled. I'm trying not to look exasperated.
"I have friend. She work international school. I place you there".
"Oh. Uh. So what does that job entail? I mean, can you tell me more about that job?"
"I been here one month. I turn thing around".
"Um. That's great, i'm sure you're doing a really good job". I smile, trying to move things along. "Where were you working before?". Not quite sure where this is going, but i'll play along, I think to myself.
"Oh. I was with Asia Pacific International School".
"If you don't mind me asking, why did you leave?"
Mr. Quynh laughs. "Students! They problem. They no good. But hey, I can get you job there!".

I blink and take a deep breath.  "Uh... Mr. Quynh. If you left the school because of classroom management problems, why do you think I would do well there?"
"Oh. Hahaha! you need to take bus".
"Excuse me?"
"You take bus. You live too far".
"Oh. Okay". This is going nowhere.

He smiles complacently at me. I pick my bag back up and put my pen and paper away.

"Well, this was nice", I say while standing up. "Thank you for your time, Mr. Quynh".
"Thank you! I tell my friend about you. You don't forget".
"No sir, I certainly won't".
"And you take bus".

What the fuck just happened?

I cut a bit out of the middle there since it was much of the same, and he was busy telling me about other people that he's interviewed lately (people that i know); but that was the gist of my job interview yesterday. I left, perplexed. Was I dressed inappropriately? Is it because i'm too old? Was I showing too much cleavage or not enough? Wait - did I really just try to justify to myself that i'm not sexy enough or too sexy for a fucking job? seriously - these are the things that popped into my head. You never know here. Maybe he just didn't like my face.

So. Back to harassing people for a job.


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