nothing to lose in translation.

Recurring vertigo is SO much fun.

Me, calling a local clinic: "Hi, do you speak English?"

Girl: "Yes we do, how may I help you?"

Me: "Oh good! My insurance provider suggested I call you. Can you tell me if you offer cupping therapy?"

Girl: "You would have to make an appointment to come in and see the chiropractor, and bring all your insurance paperwork with you.  The cost for the first consultation is 1M VND" (about $44 USD).

Me: "Right.  But can you tell me if you provide cupping therapy? You know, where you put glass cups on your back?". God I feel silly describing this.

Girl: "And make sure you bring your insurance card. Who is your provider?"

Me: "Blue Cross. Pacific Cross. But i'm not going to come in unless you actually provide this service.  Do you provide cupping therapy or not?"

Girl: "Once you come in and fill out the paperwork, you can see the doctor and he can recommend proper treatment".

Me: "This is going nowhere".

Girl: "Thank you for calling! Hope to see you soon".

Me hitting my  head repeatedly on the table. Ow. I Shouldn't have done that. Vertigo worse.


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