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I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

This is my third December in Saigon, and though the temperatures are usually just a touch milder than normal this time of year, the past few days we’ve been hit with rare cold weather. I’m laughing while I type the the word “cold” because it was 21 degrees C (69 F) when I woke up this morning.

From what I gather it hasn’t been this cold in Saigon since Hector was a pup.  The security guard next door is wearing  a ski parka zipped all the way up to his nose, covering his chin, and he sits on his stool shivering with his arms wrapped around himself as best as he can through all the padding. I’ve seen people on motorbikes with scarves wrapped three times around their necks and heads.  I think it’s absolute bliss, a nice change from our usual Perpetual Summer.  I’m absolutely loving not having to use the air conditioning, to be able to throw open a window to let in cooler breezes. The only downside being the jackhammering, drilling, and shouting noises between workmen at the two construc…